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Extract is designed to help you visualize the structure and quantitative relationships in your data. To extract information data can be modelled with the multivariate statistical methods Principal Component Analysis and Partial Least Squares.

Models and diagrams are saved in an Extract document making it easy to continue the work where you left off or to go back to something you did a month ago.

Check out the tutorials and learn how to create and edit diagrams and calcualte and analyse PCA and PLS models.


Document data is presented in three views.- The draw view (right) shows diagrams.- The explorer view (left) provides a way to navigate between pages and to select data and models by drag and drop.- The data view (bottom) shows you the actual data in data sources and diagrams.  

Data from various sources, such as Microsoft® Excel files, text files and various NIR instruments can be used directly - just open the data file!  

Efficient creation and powerful editing of diagrams makes it easy to visualize the structure in your models and data.

You can choose to apply an editing operation, e.g. colour and symbol coding, to one or many diagrams at the same time.

These and many more features unique for Extract make it fun to analyse and work with data.

Download our brochure to read more about the features in Extract 5.2

Download our ExtractEye brochure to read more about the features in ExtractEye 5.2

To view the brochure you have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.